Repeater installation places

House, Shopping complex, Retail Showroom, Corporate Office, tunnel and Airport.

Cellular Jammer Installation places

Temple, church, mosque, jail, conference hall, meeting hall and colleges


Sun Telecom offers the complete range of passive components for RF and microwave comprising of.

1. Repeaters

1.(a) Low Power Repeater

1.(b) High Power Repeater

1.(c) Power Amplifier

1.(d) Line Amplifier

2. Filters

2.(a) Band Pass Filter

2.(b) Band Reject Filter

2.(c) 3G Filter

2.(d) Duplexer

3. Antennas

3.(a) Ceiling Omini Antenna

3.(b) Patch Panel Antenna

3.(c) Dual band Yagi Antenna

3.(d) Yagi Antenna

3.(e) Magnet Mount Omni Antenna

3.(f) Whip Antenna

4. POI (Point of Interconnect)

4. POI

5. Combiners

5.(a) 2:2 Wide Band Combiner

5.(b) 4:4 Wide Band Combiner

5.(c) 2:1 Filter type Combiner

5.(d) 3:1 Filter type Combiner

6. Connectors & Adapters

6.(a) Connectors & Adapters

7. Splitters

7.(a) 2 way Power Splitter

7.(b) 3way Power Splitter

7.(c) 4way Splitter

8. Couplers

8. Directional Coupler

9. Cables & Jumpers

9. Cables & Jumpers

10. Jammers

10. Mobile Signal Jammer

11. Accessories

11.(a) Surge Arrestor

surge arrestor

11.(b) Loads